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Little Striped Caterpillar imagines herself as a spider, a grasshopper, and a bee, wishing she were able to do the many things caterpillars cannot. All the while she eats and eats her way up a milkweed plant until her tummy is full and her eyes are heavy. Sleepily, she creates a cozy chrysalis before taking a long nap. When she awakens and wriggles out, Little Striped Caterpillar is amazed to discover her transformation! She no longer wishes to be a spider, a grasshopper, or a bee. Now she is happy to be a Big Beautiful Butterfly.


Little Striped Caterpillar is a charming and lushly illustrated story that affirms the potential of every creature and celebrates loving who we were all along.


Child-focused extended material features a glossary and information about the monarch life cycle with suggestions for how to help protect this critically endangered butterfly.

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About the Book


"This is a beautiful book full of color and wonder. Children love the small creatures of the world and probably study their behavior more than most. The use of repetitive sound and movement words will catch the little one’s attention, while the information in the back will encourage Pre-K and up to understand the bug world more and help keep their world safe. The illustrations and words are a wonderful match. I know I will pick this book up again and again to read to a young child in my life."


— Casey Rislov, Award winning Children's Book Author

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